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3 Ways to Replace Your Bad iPhone Battery

Got a bum battery? You’ve come to the right place. Over a million people have replaced their iPhone batteries with iFixit. And, although we think it’s awesome to do it yourself, it’s not the only option. So here’s an all-inclusive, everything-you-want-to-know-but-were-afraid-to-ask list of ways to replace your iPhone battery.

1. Take your iPhone to a reputable repair shop.

This is akin to taking your car to a trusted local mechanic for an oil change. There are many experienced shops that can replace your iPhone battery in less time than it takes to watch a movie. (In fact, our very own Video Host replaced an iPhone battery in less than an hour with one hand tied behind her back.) Pro repair may cost more than the DIY method—usually $40 to $70—but it’s still usually less than an Apple repair, and many shops offer a service guarantee (aka: a warranty). Not to mention, most third-party repair shops offer a wider array of repair services compared to Apple—think speaker, wifi, and home button repairs in addition to screens and batteries.

Louis Rossmann doing a battery replacement
Screenshot from infamous repair guru Louis Rossmann’s YouTube Channel.

2. Take your iPhone into Apple.

This is the smartphone equivalent to bringing your car into the dealership for an oil change. Depending on where you are, there may be a lengthy waitlist for the battery replacement service, and for those without a local store, mail-in service can leave you phone-less for 3-5 days. However, Apple guarantees that iPhones repaired by their services retain their IP “waterproof” rating, and because of Batterygate, Apple is offering battery replacements for iPhone 6 and newer devices at a discounted price through 2018. You can find more information about Apple’s iPhone battery replacement services here.

Genius bar battery replacement
Source: Wikipedia Commons

3. Replace the battery yourself!

Replacing the battery in your iPhone is like changing the oil in your car, right in your driveway. It’s the most hands-on, educational choice. And once you’ve done it, you’ll realize it wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be. We’ve waxed poetic about the benefits of self-repair more times than we can count, but here are a couple of our favorites for your speed-reading satisfaction: 1) Replacing your own iPhone battery may bring about such pleasant feelings as: a sense of accomplishment, bragging rights, and warm fuzzies. 2) DIY repair offers the least amount of time away from your phone, since you don’t have to surrender your iPhone to anyone. The only downside is that if you open an iPhone 6s device or newer, it may lose the IP67 “waterproof” rating (which is overrated anyways).

If this is your first time opening up your own device, and you are apprehensive about the process, read this excellent article answering the most common questions people have about battery replacements, including how much shipping costs and where to get the best quality parts. Or you can watch it in video form with this quick, 3-minute recap. Also, be sure to check out these battery replacement success stories from other first-time fixers who have made the swap.

Here are a few more tried-and-true resources to get you ready for your repair:

And, last but not least, you can find battery replacement repair guides and parts for all iPhone models here.

Regardless of which route you choose, replacing the battery will give your iPhone a new lease on life. Plus, the earth will thank you for replacing your battery instead of replacing the entire phone itself. And, if you’ve caught the fixing bug from all this Battery Week talk, you can learn more about Right to Repair here.